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How to easily bypass facebook photo ID verification

How to easily bypass facebook photo ID verification

Many people have been searching on google about how to recover a disabled Facebook account Facebook asking so many questions like to confirm identity, upload a government-issued identity card in which date of birth name and your photo are there, Any  identity card issued by your movement, Facebook identity verification problem, Facebook confirm identity with phone number, Facebook confirm identity with identifying your friends  pictures Facebook confirm identity bypass, Facebook government id verification


Govt Proof Facebook Bypass. All people are very curious about own Facebook account they want to get it back anyway.
On Facebook also  I had seen so many posts about how to recover my Facebook account from photo ID  verification process. I also get too many emails how to recover the Facebook account. Facebook asking for photo ID verification.    It’s no secret that Facebook has occasionally asked users to verify their identities with a copy of a formal govt. Issued ID card. Or sometimes they ask for school ID card and some more like same.

For that, I think to share my views about how you will get back your Facebook account bypassing photo ID verification.  This tutorial will help you 100% for getting back your disabled Facebook account. Read carefully the whole tutorial.


While logging on Facebook you are getting a message like your account temporarily disabled you will have to upload your govt issued photo ID card with name and age, proof. No need to worry. Your account is safe you can get it back. Your account is disabled by Facebook officials.
Please keep in mind that there are many reasons why a Facebook account can get’s disabled. For certain violations, Facebook won’t issue even a warning to before disabling your account. So when your Facebook account was disabled, you’ll see a disabled message when you try to log in. The disable is of two types, temporarily disable and permanent disable.
If you getting the notification like permanently disabled then you can't get it back your account. If you are getting a message like temporarily disabled. There are so many reasons for a temporarily disabled account. Maybe one of them is given below

Reasons for Facebook disabled users account.

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1. Due to a fake name or fake Facebook profile pic.
2. Due to sending too many friends request to unknown people or you are getting too many friends day by day.
3.Due to sharing more then 20 post at one time. (you can share only 20 posts per day )
4.Due to uploading something like you violate Facebook rules.
5. Due to someone reported about your Facebook account.

Don’t worry, we will help you out here.

This Post is only meant for the users who are unable to access their Facebook accounts [Disabled Accounts by using Govt Proof FB Bypass

How to get back a Disabled Facebook Account. ?

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So if you think that your facebook account was disabled by mistake, you can Reactivate(Recover) that account by submitting an appeal,  so to submit an appeal, if this kind of screen before you follow below.


Facebook id verification trick

Latest update (11/05/2017)

Bypass Facebook Photo id Verification By Using Tunnel Bear App

Just Follow The Below Methods To Bypass The Photo Verification By Tunnel Bear VPN service on Your Android Device
» First Download The Tunnel Bear Application Or Any Other VPN Application From Google Play store By searching Tunnel Bear Or Other VPN Like DroidVPN etc.
» Register Yourself On Their VPN service And Activate Your Account By Verifying Your Email Address. » Now Open The Application and select The Location Japan And Connect To Their Japan servers.
» Now Open Your Facebook Profile Through The Browser.
» You Will See That They Will Ask You For Your Date Of Birth And Other Account Related Information Or Your Mobile Number To Verify.
» Just Fill Up The Details Correctly and Re-Activate Your Facebook Account.

I will explain here three important methods to get back your Facebook account.

1. Govt Proof FB Bypass
2. Creating Fake govt issued card.
3. By uploading your current profile pic (Discovered by me )
(People those who didn't want to upload real photo ID  card must apply our 3rd process. )

How to verify the Facebook account with id card?

1. Bypass by uploading Real government-issued photo ID card

Fill that forum and You have to upload your Valid government-issued ID like a Passport or Driving license. And too many other cards you can also upload example given below.

Green card, residence permit or immigration papers, Birth certificate, Personal or vehicle insurance card, Marriage certificate, Official name change paperwork, Voter ID card
Nondriver’s government ID (ex. disability, SNAP or national ID card)

So if your submission was done in a correct way, Facebook staff will give back your account within a few time of 5 or 6 business days.

Note: If you don’t have a government-issued proof/photo ID, you can submit copies of any 2 other documents that together show your full name, birthday, and picture.

Any 2 Proofs will be needed in the list of below
Examples: Credit card, Utility bill, School or work ID, Library card, Bus card

Only one time you should submit your proof and wait until Facebook reactivates it, it may take
Sometimes while approval you will check to log in your account daily. But don't send your photo ID card daily that will violate rules of Facebook. Some try to. Upload photo ID  card only once or twice.
Some people submit proofs more than 1 time or daily which is completely against the rules, only 1 time you should submit the proof.

2. Creating fake photo ID card

Nowadays Lots of people Face Photo Verification, Disabled Issued by Updating fake Info in profile So no worries about that I have a tweak Making a fake Id proof by using Fake Id Generator App and  Active your Fb Id Once Again. Just Follow Below Steps

STEPS: 1) First Download Fake ID GeneraTor App.  2) After Download, Install it and Open The App.    3) Fill your name and DOB (Fill DOB and NAME Which You Provide On your FB Profile).    4) Choose CounTry and Upload You're Any Color Photo.  5) Finally, Click On “Generate”. Its Done Your Fake Id Proof Is Ready.   6) Now crop and remove below written like fake ID. 
And upload to Facebook let's see if they unlock you or not

3. By uploading your current profile pic. (Discovered by me)

This method is really awesome. personally, I discovered this method and working also. I'm some conditions. People those who don't want to upload your real photo ID  card must try this method. you need to upload your current profile pic whatever had before disabled account. Don't worry whatever they are. Your pic was real or not but upload the same pic whatever had before disabled your account. And wait for 3 days login your Facebook account. Enjoy you will get it back.

Facebook id verification how long does it take?

When you will upload your government issued identity cared Facebook will activate your Facebook profile id in 30 minutes to 1 day. It’s up to Facebook how soon they will react or how soon they will get your id card.


After uploading government issued id card they will reactivate your Facebook account don’t worry just sit back and wait after uploading. 

For any kind of inconvenience comments below, we will help you shortly.
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